Club History

The club was formed in 1984 with the amalgamation of the Redan Kosciuszko and Golden Point Soccer Clubs. Originally to be called the Kosciuszko Dragons Soccer Club with its home at Morshead Park situated at the corner of Rubicon and Sutton Streets, which was the old Redan home ground.

Ballarat’s Polish community sponsored the Redan club and several players came from this background. This club consisted of senior players only. One such player, who has continued his association throughout, is Life member Stan Kawa. The Golden Point club was a junior club run through the Golden Point School in Grant Street that closed during the 1990s. Both clubs wished to broaden their horizons as juniors needed to step up and the senior side needed new talent coming through. Amalgamation was to be a win-win for both clubs.

An offer came from the City of Ballarat to re-locate to an area within Victoria Park, and seeing that government funding was required for any new facilities, a decision to move the new club there was made and it was voted to call the club Victoria Park Soccer Club. The non-competitive grades (under 8/10) played home games at the Britannica reserve off Eureka Street due to facilities being unavailable at that time on the Vic Park reserve. All training was at Vic.Park. But it was not until the 1985 season that the combined club was able to compete in the BDSA under the new name ‘Victoria Park Soccer Club’ though we played some of our first games at the new ground from early June but under the old Redan/Golden Point banners.