Mission Statement

To be recognised as a vibrant, respected, engaging and successful community-focused football club that delivers high quality experiences to all members and their families.

Our Core Values

Core Values are the guiding principles that dictate the behaviours and actions of Vic Park FC, and have done since they were first introduced by the Club Committee in 2015.

The following core values have been carefully developed by the committee to ensure that we can fulfil the club vision and build a strong foundation for future success:



Club Policies

Like most clubs, at Vic Park FC we have policies both in compliance with goverment regulations and to set standards for the well being of our Club and our members.

Vic Park FC Child Safety Policy & Code of Conduct

Child Protection Officers:

o    Will Cousens (0417 565 983)

o    Mick Maudsley (0407 364 029)

Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.